maru's small homepage

ey! my name is Maru, and I {love, hate} computers.

for now, this is all there is to this "site". I don't know if I will ever have enough discipline or motivation to write a proper Neocities-like thingy with fancy animations and buttons and whatnot, but the mere fact of having something under this domain is already calming enough.

please harass me into continuing with this when summer vacations come around, or don't, that is assuming I haven't yet incinerated my computer.

oh yeah, and I'm currently reading House of Leaves... yep, that's the only reason why I felt the need to say that, so I could make this stupid joke. I have a bit of brain damage from believing I was Superman when I was a child and jumping off the stairs in my home.

- - -

pink and white flowers near body of water during daytime

photo by Max Komthongvijit